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mobile unit sandblasting and painting

All Florida Sandblasting can Sandblast and Paint Your Heavy Machinery and Equipment at Your Place or Mine

        Heavy Machinery?  Yup, we got it covered.  All Florida Sandblasting sandblasts and paints heavy machinery of all kinds.  Heavy machinery is an expensive piece of equipment to purchase, no matter what size it is.  Besides engine care, there is no better way to preserve the quality of your machine than through the process of sandblasting and painting.  We’ve turned used and abused equipment into a newly refurbished...

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We Sandblast and Paint Buildings and Structures of All Kinds

All Florida Sandblasting can sandblast and paint your over sized building or structure.  We can also sandblasting your home, patio, pool deck, driveway, etc.  We specialize in finding the right solution for your project and getting the job done to your satisfaction.  If you think your radio tower, industrial machinery or bridge is too large, give us a call, we’ve got a...

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All Florida Sandblasting sandblasts concrete for safety concerns, aesthetic design, and for a newly refreshed, clean surface.

What’s your reason? We’ve sandblasted concrete for pool decks, malls, roads, walkways, sidewalks, stairs, and so many more projects.  Revealing the aggregate in concrete is a unique way to add to your design.  Showing the aggregate is not only pleasant on the eyes, but it also provides a rough surface that will prevent accidental slips. If you want to clean that surface, we do that too.  Give us a call about your driveway or garage and you’ll...

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All Florida Sandblasting can Sandblast Your Swimming Pool of Any Size!

We’ve sandblasted countless pools and pool decks for countless customers.  Once your pool starts to bubble or is stained from lack of cleaning, then we can help!  Our mobile unit can sandblast any size Florida pool and get your swimming pool ready for a fresh coat. In most cases, if your pool marcite has gone bad, you will first need to sandblast the surface to get all stains and air pockets out of the plaster and create a rough surface for a...

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All Florida Sandblasting Sandblasts and Paints Small and Oversize Trailers for Any Industry

TRAILER SANDBLASTING If you leave your trailer outside in Florida then we recommend sandblasting and painting those rusted spots every 3 years.  Rust is like a cancer – it spreads uncontrollably and wreaks havoc on your trailer.  Fixing the rust clusters will prevent further deterioration, which is why we recommend an every three year quick blast.  The image below is a metal trailer axle that has been rusted through and is irreparable after 7...

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